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2 min readAug 21, 2018

Meet Ashley — the only person who has ever worked on Cardinal Ventures from twelve different countries! Ashley is a rising junior at Stanford majoring in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Decision Making and Reasoning. At Stanford, Ashley teaches Public Speaking in the School of Engineering and is a member on the Business Education team of Stanford Women in Business. Last year, Ashley spearheaded the Scout Program at TSG Consumer Partners to aid the private equity firm in their search for the latest trends and brands. Ashley loves to surf and considers herself an ice cream connoisseur.

We hired Ashley on the Winter of 2018, after a long and intense hiring process. Through her application and interviews, she mentioned that she had spent most of her Freshman and Sophomore year rowing, but now, as she starts thinking about what he wants to do professionally, she is ready to get more involved on campus and explore the Venture Capital/Entrepreneurship realm. We were astonished by her passion and her excitement to get involved with our community!

When she joined in the Spring, she worked in the Campus Relations team, spearheading the early round of admissions for our fall cohort. This summer, she has been working on the fall calendar and overseeing the application process for the fall cohort! When school begins, she will continue to work on the calendar and events, as well as prepare for the spring cohort admissions. We hired Ashley because of her passion and ethusiasm to work with our founders. As she mentioned during our conversation: “ The coolest thing about working with Cardinal Ventures is meeting new people all the time who are passionate about what they do.”

When asked about what her greatest challenge about working with entrepreneurs, Ashley responded that it is how quickly everything moves… “At Cardinal Ventures, we aim to help our cohort as much as we can in any way they need. With companies changing and growing so quickly, we need to move just as quickly as the companies to help them at each step.” Working at Cardinal Ventures is a really challenging yet very rewarding experience! As we move at a fast pace, we learn more about the companies, Cardinal Ventures, and even ourselves.

Ashley has been a great addition since day one and we continue to learn from her every day!

Nicole Birkner

VP of Cardinal Ventures



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