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3 min readSep 8, 2018

Meet Anna Chukaeva, the founder of Carta Healthcare — a platform that empowers clinicians to make better patient-centric care decisions with minimal change to existing infrastructure or workflows.

On September 9th, we had a conversation with Anna about her company — Carta Healthcare. During our conversation, Anna explains: “Patient care is improved through a feedback cycle, which begins with the care delivered in the hospital, goes through clinical registries and research databases, and ends in quality improvement interventions created by researchers. The time between when the knowledge gained by caring for a patient is generated and the time when it is used to improve care has a name in the literature–the bench-to-bedside time. As of today, the average bench-to-bedside time is 17 years. That is way too long to wait to improve patients’ care, so we set out to fix it.”

With the goal of speeding up innovation in healthcare, Carta is using AI to help drive operational improvement by leveraging existing EMR data. Since their graduation from Cardinal Ventures, the company has grown a lot. Anna states the following updates:

  • They got a big client.
  • They raised their seed round.
  • They are about to close a merger with another company that will get them more clients.

But how did Cardinal Ventures help them grow to get to that point? According to Anna, Cardinal Ventures was really helpful for two main reasons:

  • Mentorship Program: Carta Healthcare was connected with advisors that were really helpful when trying to build out connections in their industry.
  • Demo Day: This activity helped them because of the connections that came out of it as well!

Although they have accomplished great things in their industry, they are not done! Their next milestone is to expand their client base and obtain more connections to hospitals. They want to really capture the segment that Carta is in, and solidify their product-market fit. Getting more clients, seeing what they want, and getting an idea of how they can help them is definitely also in their top priorities.

We are amazed about Anna’s passion and drive to improve the healthcare industry. She states during our conversation, that she wants to provide the opportunity of knowing about this field to others. Given that they have a giant office with a giant patio, they will use this office to do a lot of healthcare related events with speakers and group dinners. They hope to involve the Stanford community as well! Their next event will be about enabling personalized medicine through machine learning in healthcare. Even though this is the first event Carta Healthcare is planning, the team has decided to start offering these events on a regular basis for people who are interested in the space; they will have speakers and experts in the industry!

Carta Healthcare Team

For the reader

Are there any opportunities that you would like to share with the community (i.e. job opportunities, etc.)? They are looking for a couple of roles; a lead front end engineering, lead back-end engineer, lead user designer.

Is there anything that you are looking for right now? They would love to speak to hospital administrators and executives. They want someone to put them in touch!



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