Meet Eta 🧬, Reimagining Data for Drug Development

Graham, Andrew, and Andrew, founders of Eta

Meet Graham, Andrew, and Andrew — the team reimagining data for drug development.

What is Eta?

For organizations engaged in new drug development, Eta reduces the time to market by unifying several time-consuming workflows in the exploration, organization, and sharing of experimental research. By aggregating and linking datasets as they’re produced, Eta provides managers a dynamic dashboard of their team’s research activity and provides scientists a code-free interface to explore their results.

Eta empowers research teams to spend less time wading through information and more time uncovering new life science insights. By providing answers to the who, what, where, and when questions about research, Eta frees scientists to focus on the important why questions that drive forward scientific understanding.

What’s next for your team?

We’re excited to be part of the 2021 Cardinal Ventures cohort, and will be launching our beta product later this year. We’re actively engaged in product development to build out our core feature set and are looking to grow beyond our current partnerships with more research teams in both academia and industry.

What do you have and what are you looking for?

We have a great team of engineers with years of experience developing technology for the research lab, and we’re actively expanding our engineering team. Reach out if you’re interested in a full-time or internship position in data science, natural language processing, or database development.

Fun Fact!

The three co-founders of Eta met 6 years ago during their undergraduate degrees in Vancouver, Canada, and started a venture together developing holographic VR technology for a Ferrari racing series.




Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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