Meet Ingage 👁, a Social Eye for Video!

Jamal Madni and Matt Davis, founders of Ingage

What is Ingage?

Ingage helps us read the (virtual) room. Using computer vision, natural language processing, and behavioral signal data, our application sits on top of existing videoconferencing platforms — giving visibility to important environmental cues that are lost in remote interactions. Ingage allows professionals to perform as if they were in the room — from their living room.

And while we’re undoubtedly a tech product, we believe that this race won’t be won by those with the deepest understanding of tech, but of behavior change. With products in B2B sales, telemedicine, and higher ed, it’s our mission to transform the boardroom, the exam room, and the classroom.

What’s next?

We’re now in a pilot phase with two large, multinational corporations. We’re fine-tuning how we transform data into effective behavioral change, learning which features matter in which meeting types, and defining the ideal parameters for success in different interactions. Next, we’ll be looking to expand the depth of our feature sets and the breadth of videoconferencing platform integrations. We expect — in the next 3 months — to onboard our first 12 paying customers in B2B sales and higher ed, and begin our first pilot with a multi-state telemedicine provider.

What the team has and what they are looking for:

Jamal and Matt met at the GSB’s MSx program (’20), where they both served as MSx Student Association Presidents and did the initial research that led to Ingage.

At the GSB, Jamal was a Robert Joss scholar. He is a technical leader with hands-on experiences from satellite constellations to autonomous air taxis, having last worked as director of tech strategy at Boeing. He has a deep understanding of large companies and organizational success.

Matt has worked as a creative director and innovator for advertising & innovation agencies, multinationals, and startups. He works at the intersection of business and creativity. After a decade of changing human behavior for consumerism, he’s now focused on changing it for connection.

Specifically, we’re looking to deepen our technical bench strength. But we’re constantly in search of remarkable talent that’s interested in the convergence of tech and human connection. If that’s you, let’s talk (

Fun fact!

When Jamal and Matt aren’t trying to build the next great startup, they’re watching, debating or flat-out arguing about sports.




Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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