Meet Pelican 🦢, a Fintech Future for the Elderly

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2 min readMay 13, 2021


Meet Valerie, founder of Pelican, the startup building a fintech future for the elderly.

What is Pelican?

Pelican is the platform for retirement. We make it easy to manage your finances throughout your retirement journey — providing the support and tools to help you live a confident retirement.

Pelican offers solutions for the over 50 million retirees in the US (and growing over 50% more over the next 5 years!). Financial management is rated among the leading causes of stress for people as they enter retirement. Faced with a series of high-stakes, unfamiliar financial decisions, many retirees make these financial decisions with no trusted or experienced source for guidance and struggle with managing both their long term and day to day finances.

Pelican is changing this landscape.

What’s next for your team?

We’re in the process of launching our beta product, providing financial tools and advice to support people navigating the transition into retirement. We’re also actively raising seed funding and excited to talk with investors.

What does your team have and what are you looking for?

We’re looking to expand our team, both through internship or full-time opportunities — we’re particularly excited to hear from engineers as well as those with an interest and passion for financial empowerment of people of all ages!

We’re also always looking to expand our user base — so if you know anyone already or about to be retired, let us know — we’d love to get their feedback to continue to develop Pelican to address the real needs of retirement.

Fun Fact!

Valerie once cycled from Paris to London on a tandem bicycle with a blind man (don’t worry, Valerie was the one at the front…).



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