Meet, the Startup Helping Others Own Their Knowledge Base

Meet Taresh and Derek, founders of, the startup helping others own their knowledge base.

What is is building tools to help employees search for and structure their knowledge.

Information is everywhere, but the right stuff is always hard to find. Companies on average use eight different workplace apps, making corporate knowledge bases fractured and disjointed. New hires, sales, and other customer-facing teams take the brunt of this problem, slowing down productivity across the company.

This is an expensive problem. 20% of a worker’s time is spent searching for information. 20% x $90,000 avg. salary/yr x 7.3 million employees in tech in the US = more than $130 billion spent on information finding every year. unifies every source of information (Slack, Email + Google Drive, Onedrive, Confluence/Notion wikis, etc) and provides a single portal to access your knowledge base. Just ask a question in Slack like you would ask a colleague, and our AI enabled semantic search gets you the answer you’re looking for, no matter where it’s from, in seconds.

We’ve also built integrations into the collaborative tools you love. dynamically preserves nuggets of conversational knowledge without disrupting existing workflows. Whether you’re in your email, Slack, or Zoom, saving knowledge is just one click away.

Check us out at

What’s next for your team? is in beta and is piloting 2 enterprise customers. We’re iterating fast on customer feedback, and looking for more companies to try us out. If you’re company has issues with knowledge management or onboarding, please reach out to us at

What does your team have and what are you looking for?

We’re just a team of 2 engineers right now! We’re looking for part-time designers, security consultants, and AI engineers.

Fun Fact

We were both roommates our freshman and sophomore years! The Stanford random roommate pairing process really works!




Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures

Cardinal Ventures is a startup accelerator on the Stanford campus run by students, for students.

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