Spotlight: Anthro Energy ⚡️, the Company Reinventing Lithium Ion Batteries

David Mackanic, founder of Anthro Energy.

What is Anthro Energy?

Anthro Energy creates flexible, safe, and high performance batteries that provide a multifold improvement in capacity to wearable electronic devices. Our flexible battery technology shatters the design constraints facing device manufacturers, enabling a new paradigm and set of capabilities for wearables.

What’s next?

We are moving into off-campus lab space and continuing to add engineers to the team. We have plans to ship several demo units in the fall and hope to find our first customers and a manufacturing partner.

What the team has and what they are looking for:

We have: Internship and full-time opportunities for engineers! We are always looking for technical talent to join the team

We are looking for: Unique applications for flexible batteries! If you know anyone in the wearables or flexible electronics industries, we are happy to talk with them. We are also looking for a manufacturing partner.

Fun fact!

The technology for Anthro Energy spun out of David’s PhD research at Stanford.